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You wake up every day an hour early to hit the gym for a strenuous workout. We are talking sprints, push ups, squats, deadlifts, maybe even flipping monster truck tires. You come home to eat oats for breakfast. You eat a light salad for lunch, and a protein packed dinner. You rarely say yes to sugary gooey desserts and flavored lattes. You get 8 hours of sleep a night. You even meditate for Christ’s sake! Yet somehow, your hard work and will power are rewarded with the same tight fitting pants day after day. You haven’t manage to lose the weight you were hoping for…or even more disappointing…the moment you relax a little from your rigorous routine, you find the scale climbing back up.It is ludicrous. Nonsensical. Unacceptable. Frustrating to the point you want to throw in the towel, call your efforts a bust, and settle for a life of pudgy-ness.

And though I sympathize, I am here to tell you there may be a piece of the puzzle you are missing. Something you haven’t considered. Ever heard of toxins? Sure you have, but have you ever considered that toxins may be causing you to gain weight?

In recent decades, scientists have also been questioning if there is a piece of the puzzle they themselves are missing when it comes to the obesity epidemic we face. Is there something aside from the common “work-out-and-eat-healthy” equation they haven’t considered? They have found that in fact chemicals called obesogens are affecting the metabolic processes of people all over the world.  And by affecting, I mean, they are slowing your metabolism down, and making you feel sick.

What are obesogens? In layman’s terms, they are dietary, pharmaceutical, and industrial chemicals that are possibly making some of us hefty. Many of these toxins are fat-soluble chemicals that instead of being discarded through the liver, are stored as fat cells. Some have also been linked to an increase in fat cell size, while others have been found to affect appetite and food preferences. Pesky little things! Down with them, I say!

But before we make our plan of attack, we have to know where to find these toxins, so we can do our best to avoid them, as well as detox them out of our lives. They are found in skincare products, plastic, cigarette smoke, and even in your home. They are found in our food, which has become stripped of nutrients because of over farming, over processing, and the use of pesticides. For example, toxins like biocide tributyltin (TBT)3 is used as an anti-fouling agent for paint, but it often gets into our water and accumulates in fish. Fish we eat!

Alright, now we can get to mapping out our plan of attack, and call in the troops for reinforcements. There are plenty of actions we can take to combat the toxins we are exposed to every day, and even better, actions that will put us in the right direction to help us get our high school body back.

For starters, avoid phthalates.  This is harmful chemical we can find in many skincare products. They are used to artificially fragrance personal care products. So sure, you may stink a little, but you’ll at least be a toxin free and on your way to that skimpy two-piece right?

Another toxin to avoid, one that may sound more familiar to you is BPA. BPA is found in many plastics and it leaks into our food and water. There is a simple solution to this one, ready for it? Start using BPA-free plastic containers and water bottles.

Here is another good one. As if we needed another reason to stop smoking, smoke from cigarettes has millions of toxins, some which may be obesogens. Add that to your list of “reasons smoking is a terrible habit” and you’ll have a real compelling argument next time you catch your teenage son smoking.

Fiber increase will also help rid of these toxins. Fiber traps these toxins like a sponge. Think your favorite superhero but in sponge form? That is fiber. The recommended amount ranges from 35 grams to 60 grams.

So see, there is hope. Toxins don’t have to ruin our lives, and certainly not our figure.

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