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It can be difficult to love your body, especially because we live in a body-focused, diet-crazed- society. In fact, 90% of all women have admitted to feeling disgusted or discouraged by their bodies at least once in their lives. It’s not just women who are feeling insecure; studies show that men are just as likely to feel self-conscious and unhappy with their physical appearance.

If you think about it, we’re exposed to ads constantly. The majority of commercials are centered around dieting and weight loss, and if they’re not about dieting then they almost always have beautiful people in them. It can be hard to feel good about yourself.

Too many people around the world are struggling with self worth.

The Illusion

Despite magazines often involving stick thin models in their advertisements and spreads to sell products meant to be consumed by us everyday, it is estimated that only around 1-5% of people share the same physique as these models.

Today, girls as young as five report feeling dissatisfied with their bodies. Equally as shocking, there are girls as young as eight who feel the need to diet and lose weight. And it’s not just girls who are feeling this way. Studies also show that around 1 in 4 males will attempt to control their weight in unhealthy ways.

There’s an obvious problem here. Too many people around the world are struggling with self worth.

Body Love is Success

We know, sometimes learning to love yourself is easier said than done. Loving yourself can mean overcoming mean words from the past, it can mean having to block-out that little voice in the back of our heads that really likes telling us we aren’t good enough.

However, learning to let go of what’s holding us back from body acceptance can be the first and most crucial step in becoming happier and healthier.

A large percentage of people report feeling depressed because of their bodies. Depression is a mental illness that can often inhibit us from wanting to be productive. It’s not uncommon to cope with food, people who struggle with depression may resort to using food as an emotional crutch, this can become a major problem if you let the food become an addiction. Once it becomes an addiction, it can become even more difficult to control and it can hinder you from seeking out true body-love.

Learning to shake the shame can be the motivation you need to get active and to focus on food as less of a crutch and more as a fuel source.

Why You Should Kick the Hate

A key and often underappreciated method to stop hating yourself is to stop hating others. If you find that you struggle with constant jealousy, take a moment to think about all that time and energy you spend doing so. What if you could spend the same amount of time and energy learning to be happy or productive?

Even spending more time learning to adopt positivity into your life will be far more productive to you in the long run than spending your time hating other people.

Getting down to the nitty-gritty of it, society plays a key role in our self worth. So, what makes society? Who decides what we should strive to be like? We do, all of us decide.

Contrary to popular belief, hating on other people doesn’t actually change anything about ourselves. Hate only contributes more negativity to society’s already twisted view of beauty and this view that society projects is what can effect our own self worth.

Stop that hate! Promote love and acceptance. We’re all stuck together, why not contribute to change instead of hate?

Get Involved In a Good Support Network

You don’t have to do this alone. Taking the steps to love yourself may be hard without a strong support network. Find people who love you, people who can remind you of your beauty inward and out.

Support networks exist everywhere, if you feel your current social network is not one that can aid you in your journey, you can turn to a virtual network of people. There are countless

communities online that promote body love and acceptance. Just a few internet searches can bring you to communities with health plans and regimes where you may work alongside other people who are similar to you to offer support and advice.

We have generations of people who struggle with self-worth. Even if you don’t personally struggle with your body image, you probably know someone who does.

Learning to love yourself and others is the first step to success. Negative self worth is a hurdle that may hold people back from success and there’s a lot that we miss out on when we let insecurities hold us back.

The journey to achieve body love isn’t one that has to be taken alone. Take the steps to find yourself a positive support network and thrive off of the feedback you can receive from others. Join the Ultimate Health and Wellness group on Facebook where you can find guidance with other members as well as with the founder, Ryan.

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